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Soul teaches us that in each seeker’s life, there arrive moments when one says, “I am ready and I am worthy to live a joy-filled life of higher purpose and deeper meaning.” 
Those sacred moments are accompanied by a calm courage and a vast new resolve to clearly identify and finally eliminate those dense blocks of thought, past experiences and diminishing beliefs that have withheld that seeker’s ideal life from manifesting. 
With these moments also comes a Holy Entourage of guides, resources and experiences that offer a resounding “Yes” to the seeker’s new self-commitment and pathways to the desired transformation.
This site is a joyful participant in saying “Yes” to all of you seekers who are ready!

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Donna Chimera
Your physical body is perpetually yet unexplainably tired or aches in discomfort
Your creative energies are kicking at the cocoon walls of your current career
Your dreams hint at your seemingly elusive life partner and entice you to step toward that love
Your heart pounds with an ache for true direction
Your thoughts are seeking coherence with your heart
You laugh at Heaven’s unexplainable and undeniable humor
You desire compassion as your compass when interacting with unpredictable humans
You are willing to lean in and listen to wisdom's whispers and hear what your Soul teaches...........
Meet Donna Chimera

I am an intuitive personal and business coach who is also a humanist, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an author, a public speaker, a teacher, a business owner, and a community volunteer.


I am an informational Soul conduit and a transformational Catalyst.


After 15 years in the corporate world as a national marketing professional, I hung up the corporate suit and have been a business and personal coach since that decisive moment. I have traveled all over the world and am now happy to call the rolling hills of Galena Territory “home”. 


Some years ago, a life defining accident put me in a trauma center for 30 days in a hospital that was 1000 miles away from family and friends. I was forced to question every "truth" I thought I knew about how the body heals, how hearts mend and how faith serves. During those long and pain-filled days, I gained a deep understanding of the power of both human vulnerability and human compassion. I also was quiet enough, long enough, to fully comprehend the immensity of what wisdom whispers and the Soul teaches.


Now that you know “About Me”- I look forward to talking with you and learning more “About You” and how I can serve you! 


You are why I am here.......

Donna Chimera

Spiritual Life and Business Coach

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