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Life Coach Galena



Dragonfly was a surprising "totem" that tapped insistently on the periphery of my attention as this website was being created.  When I finally leaned in and listened to wisdom's whisper, I was fascinated by this winged one and the many lessons Soul Teaches through her amazing life design.  I quickly saw how beautifully the Dragonfly represented the work I do as a Spiritual Guide for Life!
Despite her delicate appearance and seeming vulnerability, Dragonfly is one of the oldest living beings on Earth. Her ancestral record is found in rocks dating 325 million years ago of giant descendants bearing wingspans 30" long… the magical qualities from which myths and legends begin.
Transformation Galena


Dragonfly has compound eyes. Like a little Buddah, she sees through the illusions of light and form into a dimension deeper than our daily reality. The human eye holds one lens per eye in its design. In comparison, Dragonfly possesses 30,000 lenses per eye. Due to advanced skills in Flicker Fusion Frequency, Dragonfly’s visual experience of the world differs tremendously from our own.



She is like a hover craft moving with extraordinary precision and maneuverability. Her long narrow body is carried by two sets of wings both moving independently of each other giving her the ability to stop in mid air, travel backwards and forwards, and blaze through the sky at around 30 mph. She can travel across oceans.





Dragonfly is a dance of color and light. Iridescence is achieved by the extraordinary architecture of Dragonfly’s wings and body which bends and refracts light in such a way as to create word defying vibrancy.



Dragonfly moves from water to air and can gracefully land on terra firma. The dragonfly spends most of her life in the developmental stage known as nymph form. Nymphs live in still waters for several years-perhaps dreaming of the day when flight, light and travel are her new norm. Then one fine day, this young nymph is suddenly gripped with an unstoppable evolutionary urge to emerge from the water, crack open her childhood form and emerge from the shell of her first self.




This process of metamorphosis is a profound metaphysical teaching for the human spirit. In a growth series of cracking through and emerging from an outgrown body shell, Dragonfly dramatically changes form and illuminates the world. Her dancing flights of color and light lasts only a few brief months before returning once more to the Earth. Her adult life may be brief- yet it is spectacular. And with it she shows us that it is possible to completely transform a way of being using only the innate intelligence found within.



Dragonfly shows us how to undergo deep profound change on a cellular level. This possibility of transformation is shared by all living creatures. Dragonfly knows from experience that change is growth and sometimes a bit messy.  Let the old shell of an outgrown self fall away and transmute into a new expression of light, flight, colors and adventure. She asks you to break through the mental constraints that keep your colors dull. Crack open the old identity and become a fuller expression of self.


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