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You have a skill, a talent, a Soul signature that is uniquely yours to share with the world.  It may be that you are destined to share that gift through your vocation.
Our vocations are a very purposeful arena for exploration and expression of our unique skills and talents. 
How we “play” with others in this arena is an important indicator of how we are fulfilling our sacred contracts and our willingness to reveal our truest selves.

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Donna Chimera

Establishing and fostering a culture of respect is the basic premise for a healthy and successful business.

Your co-workers, partners, employees, clients, vendors,  and regulators are all players in your vocational game.  The more authentically you interact with each of these players will largely determine the satisfaction you feel in your current position.

An individual’s sense of satisfaction is their own response-ability.  Your ability to appropriately respond to any given individual or situation is the primary skill necessary for feeling that you are a creative contributor to the success of a company.

What does it mean to “appropriately” respond?  When your response to an individual or a situation is relaxed and no one feels “diminished”, true co-creation and innovative collaborations become comfortable and common place.  

Will there be differences of opinion- different perspectives?  For the vitality and growth of your company- you should hope there would be wonderfully diverse and creative perspectives from all the players.  It is this very atmosphere of creative conflict in a respectful arena that births new ideas, products, services and campaigns.

Are you truly satisfied in your work arena?

Can you personally focus on co-creating a culture of respect in your company?

Is there an area of your career that feels “off”?  Debating whether it is you or the company that is “off”?

Are you simply unhappy with your current job, or is it your career choice?


Do you realize that there are clients out there who will happily pay you the full worth of your gift/talent/skill?


Are you lacking inspiration or looking for a new challenge?


Are you wondering about a career change and all of the uncertainty that possibility evokes?


Do you aspire to be a Conscious Entrepreneur?

As a Spiritual life and business coach, I invite you-

Together, we can sort through your relationship to your current career and eliminate any thought patterns, belief systems, or emotional histories that block your path to a more fulfilling work experience.  You’ll be guided through a process that helps you clarify your vision of yourself, your work, your life.    Let's connect...

"Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation."

~ Aristotle