Life Coach Donna Chimera



You are human.  Accept it. 
And humans have thoughts and emotions.  Thoughts energized by emotions are the creative template for life experience and that is the great gift of being human.
You are surrounded by other humans.  Accept it. 
And together- on purpose or by default- your collective thoughts and emotions are creating your relationships and the world where you are living.

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Life Coach Donna Chimera
Life Coach Donna Chimera
Soul Mates Donna Chimera

The wise soul who came forth into your unique life chose to come to this wonderful human existence, specifically, because of the opportunity to FEEL and experience the magic of creating life through thought and emotional response to other humans and their activities on this beautiful planet.


The challenge is to remember that being in relationship is a journey and each one of us chooses how we walk the intimate and intricate paths of relating to other humans. When we interact with others, we are interacting with aspects of ourselves that we either deny or embrace. The exciting move toward transformation begins when we explore why we respond to certain people in certain ways on any given occasion!


Do you find it difficult to reveal your true self in intimate relationships- lovers, family, friends?


Does your life partner feel like a roommate instead of a friend and lover?


Have you repeated a pattern of “quasi-intimate” relationships that are unfulfilling and unsuccessful?


Do you feel the pang of a lost friendship and you're not sure how or why it disappeared?


Do you find yourself entangled in current family dramas, caught in the memory of dramas past or in a draining downward spiral of expecting more drama? 


Do you dread going to work or feel stifled in creativity because you have awkward relationships with your co-workers or boss?


Are you ready to share your truest “self” in all your beautiful, unedited fullness?  Feeling stuck?

As a Spiritual life and business coach, I invite you-


To dive deeper into the personal relationships of your life experience and discover how to make them "sing", Let’s Connect and hear what your Soul is whispering to you. Together we can clear the experiential blocks and emotional barriers that sabotage your desire for harmonious relationships that beautifully balance peace, passion, creativity and play!


Donna Chimera