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Donna Chimera

"After 15 years in the corporate world as a national marketing professional, I hung up the corporate suit and have been a business and personal coach since that life defining moment. I have traveled all over the world and am happy to call the rolling hills of Galena Territory “home”. 

It is my great pleasure and honor to assist individuals and organizations who want to make a positive difference in the world!"

Donna Chimera

Donna Chimera is a conscious entrepreneur, author, presenter, facilitator and personal/business strategist. 

A former educator and licensed administrator, Donna has 20 years marketing experience working with non-profit organizations and small businesses owners to successfully grow their organizations by defining and/or refining their operational practices and marketing strategies.

Using accelerative techniques, humor and compassion, she guides clients to tap into their inherent creative genius.  Then together, they develop a plan to express that genius in their personal lives and in a business style that balances creativity, integrity and profitability.

Websites  *  Business Development  * Customer and Staff Relations  *   Press Releases  *  Copy Writing


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