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For Business Owner Boss Moms

Best Bottom Line

Beta Program

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Calm Mom. Thriving Business.

A 5-week LIVE, interactive small group pilot program to help you focus so that you can balance the two roles and stop fearing that you will lose your business, your family or your sanity!

Starting August  , 2022
Limited spots. Special pilot program pricing.

You know you need better balance in your roles of boss and mom but it's just one of those things that goes into the "I'll figure it out someday bucket."
Maybe you don't know who to ask- or feel too embarrassed to admit you need help.

Maybe you're not sure where to start, or when you can possibly fit it into your already crazy schedule.

Maybe you are just flat out exhausted and don't even believe it is possible any more!

What if someone guided you through it all calmly, realistically and confidentially?

Meet Donna Chimera,
Biz Owner Boss Mom for 30 Years!

Donna is an intuitive personal and business coach who is also a humanist, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an author, a public speaker, volunteer and oh yes-a business owner!

Life experiences taught her to balance the demands of regional and corporate positions with the sacred family demands of being a single mom.


Today- Donna's unique combination of 30 years in  business/ marketing and her deep intuitive skills are used to help clients create a life they can love living.  She is hired by conscious professional moms and visionary business owners like you to create and sustain a balanced life while they make a positive difference in the world. 


Using accelerative techniques, she assists clients to overcome unproductive habits and temporary obstacles.  She identifies and eliminates hidden saboteurs that  block progress. She then helps them to tap into their inherent genius and confidently express that genius in a lifestyle that balances creativity, integrity and wealth. 

 Go from
Managing Crisis at Work and Chaos at Home

A Calm Woman Confidently in Charge of Her Life

Don't build your life around Someone else's values

Know Someone who lost her business because she couldn't focus on her business due to the constant chaos at home?

Know Someone whose business is thriving but has lost all touch with her family and friends?

Know Someone who always appears on the verge of "snapping" because she feels overwhelmed, unappreciated and undervalued?

Me too. 

You don't have to be that "someone".

You can learn focusing tips, techniques and tools to help you create and sustain that really sweet spot, that best bottom line
: Calm Mom. Thriving Business.

Master 3 Simple Significant Shifts

Quiet Your Mind

Optimize Your Energy

Quick Calming Techniques

What does it cost you

  • When you lose an employee, clients, or a vendor due to miscommunication?
  • When you miss work because you pulled a muscle trying to do too much too fast?
  • When you can't focus and so you forget a child's game or a client meeting or a birthday?
  • When you forget to pay an important bill at work or home?
  • When you bottle it all up until you snap at the wrong person at the worst time?
  • When you can't strategically plan biz growth because you can't find quiet time.....ever?

What if you didn't have to figure it out on your own?


Best Bottom Line

A Beta Program


Business Owner Boss Moms

A 5-week LIVE, interactive small group pilot program to help you learn to FOCUS so that you can balance these two important roles and stop fearing that you will lose your business, your family or your sanity!

Starting August  , 2022

Limited spots. Special pilot program pricing.

You will learn

  • Magic Words & Ways to focus so you can balance your days 
  • Relaxation techniques to defuse stress before it sets into your muscles or flies out your mouth
  • How to focalize to prioritize your truest core values
  • How to anchor powerful intentions into your physical body for reinforcing your values
  • Creating harmonious spaces at home and work
  • Time secrets no one has taught you 
  • ​How to teach your brain who is in charge
  • How to find the right resources at the right time 
Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Here is How It Happens

Personal Consultations
Just Me and You

  • Onboarding Call at Start of Program
  • Assessment Call at Completion of Program

Zoom Group

Laser Focused Topic
1 Hour Live & Recorded

  • Tips for Boss
  • Tips for Mom
  • Energy Clearing or  Meditation

Are you ready to be real with other business owner boss moms?

A Weekly Activity
Your time, Your way 

  • 20 minutes to do
  • Plus via email: Mindset or Meditation to read or listen at your leisure

Are you ready to commit to yourself as a successful boss and a caring mom?

Private Facebook Group
Business Owner Boss Moms 

  • Share challenges
  • Share solutions
  • Share support

Best Bottom Line Beta Program is FOR YOU if

  • You are a Business Owner Boss Mom who wants to fall back in love with both of those important roles.
  • You want practical real life tools, tips and techniques to help you focus so you can create and maintain balance in both arenas.
  • You want to experience measurable success in your business without feeling guilty away from home.
  • You want to be a nurturing mom connected to her happy, healthy, safe family without always secretly worrying that you are risking your family's livelihood.
  • You are ready to commit to your future self, business and family by being present and engaging in this program now.

Your Questions

Got more questions?

Let me know. 

Why is this called a Beta program? 
We are launching this pilot program for a small group at a very reduced fee so that we can refine it to integrate the real needs and honest input of our participants. (This reduced fee will not be offered again.)
What happens once I purchase?
You'll receive an email with your receipt and a welcome email. Then you'll receive an invitation to our community area where you'll find live call details, recordings and learning materials as they become relevant.
When are the live Zooms?
They are scheduled for Tuesday evenings at 8 pm eastern.
What happens if I can't attend the Live zoom meeting?
All calls are recorded. The recordings are accessible in our Best Bottom Line community area for you to listen to when your schedule allows.
What if I need more one:one time than the personal calls included on the first and last week of the program?
I reserve weekly spots for one-one with my numerous private clients.
Contact me if you want to discuss additional private consultations to meet your personal needs. 
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This woman is ready to take charge of her life,
Sign me up!

  • Soul Teaches Donna Chimera

Look forward to seeing you there!

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