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A Free Webinar For Business Owner Moms

3 Simple Shifts to Confidently Navigate Between these 2 Roles

Woman in Office

Best Bottom Line

Calm Mom. Thriving Business.

Transform Your Life and Remember Why You Love Both Roles

Learn 3 Simple Significant Shifts to Take You
Manager of Crisis at Work and Chaos at Home

A Calm Woman Confidently in Charge of Her Life

Optimize Your Energy

Quiet Your Mind

Quick Calming Techniques

You will learn

  • How to anchor powerful intentions into your actual physiology

  • Relaxation techniques to defuse stress before it sets into your muscles

  • Secret resources no one has told you about

  • How to focalize your power on your true priorities

  • How to remind your brain who is in charge

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Donna Chimera Soul Teaches

Presented by Donna Chimera,
Biz Owner Mom for 30 Years!

Donna is an intuitive personal and business coach who is also a humanist, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an author, a public speaker, volunteer and oh yes-a business owner!

Life experiences taught her to balance the demands of regional and corporate positions with the sacred family demands of a single mom.


Today- Donna's unique combination of 30 years in  business/ marketing and her deep intuitive skills are used to help clients create a life they will love living.  She supports conscious professional moms and visionary individuals like you to create and sustain a balanced life while they make a positive difference in the world. 


Using accelerative techniques, she assists clients to overcome temporary obstacles.  She then helps them to tap into their inherent genius and confidently express that genius in a lifestyle that balances creativity, integrity and wealth. 

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This woman is ready to take charge of her life,
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