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The purpose of what the Soul Teaches is to assist individuals or organizations to fulfill their dreams and fulfill their “promise” of becoming their highest selves and evolving humanity’s positive relationships to one another.  When individuals learn how to lean in and then choose to listen to wisdom’s whispers, they are accessing their Soul’s knowledge and power. Extraordinary transformation is possible.


The conscious connection each person makes with Donna creates a heart confirming and neural activated matrix of exciting possibilities for joyful life expression and relationships. Because the heart and mind are equally dynamic partners in creation, Donna offers guidance, tools, templates, checklists and meditations that awaken and develop both focused thought and balanced emotional response. 


The realized potential of any individual is a result of personal engagement,

commitment to the process and the depth of desire for transformation.


VIP (Very Inspired Person) -A SOUL READY OPTION


This is an opportunity for all of you who are certain you want an accelerated path to your ideal life. You are willing to dive deep into heart confirming & neural activated authenticity and fulfillment.


This option offers you a combination of one-one phone consults with support materials including templates, “thoughtsheets”, checklists, and meditations!


During ten personal consultations with Donna, you will experience extremely focused interactions that:

-clarify your desires and vision of your ideal life,

-reveal and eliminate energetic emotional or thought blocks and

-fill that new “life space” with the thoughts, emotions and purposeful actions that will help you to manifest your vision of your ideal life.


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During personal telephone consultations with Donna, individuals experience extremely focused interactions that:

-clarify the individual’s desires and vision of their ideal life,

-reveal and eliminate energetic emotional or thought blocks and

-fill that new “life space” with the thoughts, emotions and purposeful actions that will help them to manifest their desired vision of the ideal life.


Individuals can choose different levels of engagement through various consultation packages.


Donna is a rare and gifted bodyworker. Individuals lay upon a comfortable table in a serene environment, where they receive layers of therapeutic grade special oil blends that have been specifically selected to serve the unique needs of the individual.


Her role as a conduit for soul communication initiates a series of density releases at every level of being. The individual moves into a state of deep serenity conducive to powerfully receiving healthy thoughts and balancing of the emotional body.


These sessions are offered by special appointment in her Galena office or during retreats in other locations.

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When individuals sign up for the free gift or simply submit the request to be added to our contact list, they become part of a select group of people who are invited to join group calls or webinars. These events are intended to serve as an introduction to the transformative power of learning to listen to what the Soul Teaches and acting upon those teachings.


There may be a particular topic or focus of attention for the particular call or webinar such as relationship, dreams, career, well-being, the heart/mind connection etc.   As time allows, Donna may also take questions from the listeners and/or invite the group to participate in a purposeful meditation related to the night’s topic or a specific question asked by a listener.

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Donna is available to speak at business, spiritual or women’s retreats.  She also always strives to allow time for private consultations or bodywork sessions at these events. To invite her as a guest speaker or bodyworker at your next event, click here.

Important! A private consultation is not confirmed until your payment has been processed. You will receive a notification that payment has been received and your session confirmed.